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A bout The Becky Ann Barn

Much of The Becky Ann Barn is over 100 years old with original, hand hewn beams and posts, roof vents, and most of the original barn siding.  The barn sat on the Gibson family farm for years, being used daily in the family dairy operation until taken down. In 2022, the barn was carefully disassembled, materials were salvaged and moved, and it was rebuilt by local craftsman, family and friends at the main Ed-Mar Dairy operation. As much of the historical integrity from the original structure was maintained as possible when rebuilding.

Fifteen feet was added to each side, making the new barn almost 5,000 square feet.  Concrete was poured, more wood was gathered from Marcy’s family barn, some new siding was added, a new roof was put on, and beautiful crystal chandaliers, lantern lights and restored church lights were hung. The Becky Ann Barn, a mix of old and new and steeped in family history, now sits in a cove of trees on an acre and a half of land in the middle of Ed-Mar Dairy Farm. OUR GOAL - to offer the most beautiful, peaceful, rustic, and unique space for weddings, parties, reunions, corporate events, or any event you desire.

The barn was named after Farmer Eddie's sister who died unexpectedly in 2020. He thinks Becky Ann would be very proud of her namesake. The Gibsons would be honored to host your special events in this awesome piece of their family's history.  Contact us today to schedule a visit.

A bout Ed-Mar Dairy

Just inside the southwest border of Kenton County you'll discover Ed-Mar Dairy, owned and operated by Eddie and Marcy Gibson. The Gibson family has been producing wholesome milk for generations. A herd of 55 cows produces 600 gallons of milk each day. No antibiotics or artificial hormones are present in our milk, ever.

Ed-Mar Dairy's herd enjoys a clean, comfortable home in a freestall barn with individual beds. When the weather allows, the cows are let out to pasture each day. They eat a healthy, balanced diet - the foundation of producing the highest quality milk. "Pearl", the state's first robotic milking machine lives at Ed-Mar Dairy and allows the cows to milk 24 hours a day, whenever they choose. The Becky Ann Barn is the newest additon to the farm. Now booking weddings, parties, reunions, corporate events and more!


Plan a group tour or field trip to meet Farmer Eddie and our cows, see the robot at work, bottle feed a calf and learn how we care for our herd.  Email or call 859-620-1860 to schedule.

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